Childcare Teachers, Aides, and Subs- Off nights, weekends, & holidays

Carlsbad, CA

Part-time Before and After School Care Teachers, Aides, and Subs

Off nights, weekends, and holidays 

Starting between $16.00-$17.50 depending on education and experience 

How would you like to be off nights, weekends, and holidays?!

Would you like to You knew your passion before you could name it:  You’ve been a teacher since you were a kid.  You gathered the neighborhood kids and family pets, you’ve always loved sharing what you know with others.  

You delight in the development of kids: Nothing makes your day more than seeing little faces light up with joy when they learn something new.  Kids flock to you because show them that they matter. 

You’ve got talent and you want a position that makes a difference for kids:  THIS IS IT.   

Carlsbad Educational Foundation is a tribe of thoroughly dedicated, conscientious, hard-working role-models just like you. We provide safe and engaging before and after school care for elementary-aged kids – 600 of them, right here in Carlsbad. We are Program Coordinators, After-school mentors, leaders, and role models who come together for one mission: to support the education of every child in the Carlsbad Unified School District by developing, conducting and financing innovative and quality programs and projects.  

We’re your tribe, and this is the position you’ve been looking for.    

We’re hiring Part-time Before and After School Care Teachers and Aides who will:  

  • Interact with students, parents, School Administrators, Program and Site Directors, as well as provide supervision to Teacher’s Aides—all the great people out there who have a heart for helping kids--in a before and after school setting at one or more of our 9 Kids’ Care Sites in Carlsbad. 
  • Supervise, lead and engage our kids in age-appropriate STEAM Lessons such as:
    • Math and Science: astronomy, physics, nutrition and gardening
    • Technology, computers and engineering
    • Art: collage, painting, sculpture and more
  • Model and lead creative expression, teamwork and sportsmanship through artistic and physical activities such as:
    • Crafts: crochet, mobiles, masks, puppets, sewing, card making and beading
    • Music: dance, singing, free expression
    • Outdoor/indoor activities like sports, organized team games, and board games
  •  Serve as a role model for our kids, facilitating good study habits, respectful behavior and service-mindedness through activities such as:
    • Homework Club
    • Service Projects such as canned food drives and senior center projects
    • Good neighbor conflict resolution
  •   Work a VARIABLE schedule averaging 15-25 hours per week (Kids’ Care Site Hours range from 7 am – 6:00 pm weekdays.) 

You are: 

  •  A tribe member: Passionate for kids.  You enjoy Giggles, Growth and Giving. 
  • Outgoing, dedicated, and dependable, with the highest level of integrity 
  • Enthusiastic!  You enjoy building relationships, growing and developing good citizens 
  • Able and motivated to provide outstanding customer service to kids, parents, and tribe members 
  • Respectful and age-appropriate with regard to interpersonal communications skills 
  • Able to identify, manage and shift priorities to meet childcare needs 
  • Consummately professional in demeanor:  friendly, courteous and gracious.  Always gracious. 
  • Positively persuasive 
  • Able to instruct and supervise elementary school students 
  • Able to plan and implement STEAM related lessons and activities 
  • Knowledgeable about general learning theories and curriculum development 
  • Able to evaluate the needs and progress of individual students 
  • Able to evaluate emergency situations and act decisively and proactively resolve problems; able to delegate authority judiciously when needed 
  • Able to discern when students may need special physical, medical or psychological assistance and support 
  • Able and willing to make necessary accommodations for children with special needs 
  • Knowledgeable about reporting requirements and procedures regarding suspected child abuse 
  • Able to lift 30 lbs. 
  • Willing and able to GET. IT. DONE. Awesomely! 

You meet all CCLD requirements (currently, or you can meet them within a specified time frame as defined upon employment for School-Age Teacher or Aide (LIC 9095 form)

  • California Department of Justice fingerprint and background clearance  
  • Criminal Record Certification 
  • Child Abuse Index Check
  • Physician’s TB and health clearance for working in child care center
  • Pediatric CPR /First Aid (preferred within three months of employment) 
  • Valid California Driver’s License  

Aide Qualifications

  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • Highschool diploma or GED

State “Fully Qualified” teachers must have one of the following: 

  • Twelve postsecondary semester or equivalent quarter units in early childhood education completed, with passing grades, at an accredited or approved college or university; and at least six months of work experience in a licensed child care center or comparable group child care program. 
  • A current and valid Child Development Associate (CDA) credential with the appropriate age-level endorsement issued by the CDA National Credentialing Program of the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition; and at least six months of on-the-job training and/or work experience in a licensed child care center or comparable group child care program. 
  • One of the following Child Development Permits issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: 
    • (A) Child Development Associate Teacher Permit; or 
    • (B) Child Development Teacher Permit; or
    • (C) Child Development Master Teacher Permit. 

Carlsbad Educational Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We welcome diverse applicants.   

Contact your tribe!   Send your resume and a persuasive note telling us how you know YOU’RE THE ONE!